Planning and Development of Electromechanical engineering projects for Central America and the Caribbean
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Nicaragua 2017 Supply and installation of structure for BLAST FREEZERS. Supply, manufacture and installation of structure for centralized cold rooms, including stainless steel screens for airflow orientation. Cargill Nicaragua Mechanical
Nicaragua 2018 Electromechanical Mounting & Piping Works in Pensa Plant. Manufacture and installation of pipes, support and thermal insulation; supply and installation of steel structure for bleachers and inspection platforms to monitoring and steam control systems of geothermal wells. Polaris Energy Nicaragua Electrical, Mechanical
El Salvador 2017 Electromechanical Mounting & Pigging in Sherwin Williams Plant, Ilopango. Assembly of Dosage and Instrumentation Lines, Electrical and Control Wiring for Tank Farm / Installation and Assembly of Pipes for Pigging System. Sherwin Williams C.A. Mechanical
El Salvador 2017 Electrical Facilities and Channeling Weak Signals - Construction of ISSS Hospital, San Miguel. Supply and installation of equipment and accessories for the lighting and force system; and construction of the communication and data transfer systems of buildings. IBT Group, LLC Electrical
El Salvador 2018 Mechanical Mounting in Termopuerto, Acajutla. Piping repair and supports for chimney No.3 in Termopuerto, Acajutla. Termopuerto Mechanical
El Salvador 2019 Electromechanical Mounting in Hydroelectric Power Plant "5 de Noviembre". Equipment assembly services, installation and connection of cables, devices and accessories as well as technical assistance for testing and commissioning in hydroelectric power plant "5 de November". CEL / ACSA Electrical, Mechanical
El Salvador 2020 EDP Acajutla Power Plant, Sonsonate. Procurement, Supply, Delivery, Erection and Installation of Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Works for EDP Power Plant within the Port of Acajutla. EDP - Energía del Pacífico Electrical, Mechanical, Civil
Bahamas 2019 BPL Power Plant, Bahamas. Mounting, installation and partial procurement supply, and electromechanical works for BPL, Power Plant Clifton Pier, New Providence, Bahamas. BPL - Bahamas Power and Light Electrical, Mechanical